PYROPROSTASIA LTD is an innovative company in the field of fire safety. We provide complete solutions offering specialized services and high-quality products and systems. PYROPROSTASIA started in 1987 and is one of the oldest firefighting equipment companies in Chania.
In 2002 it was acquired by MOBIAK SA, being a member of the Group.

The close cooperation with the leading firefighter producer in Greece and one of the world’s leading MOBIAK, has put us in a strong position to provide integrated fire safety systems.

The basic range of firefighting products consists of:

  • Portable and Wheeled Extinguishers with Powder, Foam, Co2, Water, Wet Chemical , Clean Agent , certified by internationally recognized agencies such as: BSI (UK), NF (France), Apragaz (Belgium), MPA Dresden (Germany), KIWA (Netherlands), UL (USA), RINA (Italy), EBETAM(Greece)
  • Spare parts and accessories of all types of fire extinguishers
  • Extinguishing Materials (Dry Powder, Foam, Wet Chemical , HFC- 227 ea , FK -5-1-12) of different types
  • Fire Hose Cabinets and Reels in various dimensions and model types, EN certified by LPCB (UK and KIWA (Netherlands)
  • Fire Hoses and accessories EN & UL certified.
  • Valves and Spouts of various types and dimensions, certified by UL / FM & EN
  • Fire Sprinklers in various sizes and types, UL certified
  • Fire blankets in various sizes and types, certified by EN & BSI
  • Fire Resistant metallic doors and fittings, EN certified
  • Firefighting equipment (uniforms, respirators, masks, etc.)
  • Permanent Fire Suppression Systems (HFC-227 ea , FK -5-1-12, IG , CO 2, Wet Chemical, Powder, Water Mist , Aerosol Generators)
  • UL / FM certified fire brigades
  • Equipment for retreading and maintenance centers of Firefighting equipment and Fire Suppression Systems

In addition to trading in firefighting products, our company responsibly analyzes Fire Safety Studies, Firefighting Equipment & Systems Installation, as well as undertakes Technical Support regarding firefighting equipment. Our technical staff is fully trained and can undertake and support projects and studies wherever required, either inside or outside Greece for the immediate service of partners.